Why should we get all the fun? It's time for you to cast your votes on this year's nominees!
Votes are welcomed from February 16th until February 23rd (11:59PM EST)
Hi there, it's good to see you!

The Genius Choice is about letting the voices of soundtrack enthusiasts worldwide be heard. While these votes do not count toward the official Cue Awards results, they are presented alongside them and help showcase a variety of perspectives on the nominees.

Get your opinions ready and let's get started!

Best Dramatic Score

Best Animated Score

Best Television Score

Best Action Score

Record Label of the Year

Best Theme

Cue of the Year

Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Score

Best Video Game Score

It's time for the grand finale. Our final two categories...

Composer of the Year

Best Overall Score

Before You Go...
Let us know what you thought of this year's Cue Award nominees!

We welcome your feedback on the process (was it easy/fun to participate?), the nominees (did we miss someone?), and your hopes for the coming year at Tracksounds (how can we improve?)

Make it good and we'll read it to the world on the Cue Awards Show!

All finished. You're awesome.

Now pass it on to your fellow soundtrack geniuses!

Winners will be announced live on Episode 72 of the SoundCast: The Cue Awards Show, and posted on the official site on March 1st.
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